Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today I ordered a good amount of Magic: The Gathering cards from a site called Strike Zone Online. Hopefully I should receive my cards soon. These cards are going to go to my mill deck. Should be fun. They did not give me a tracking number so I can't track my cards. I did contact the person it tells me to contact for help about this though. Hopefully he will get back to me soon. This is also my first purchase online with my new debit card. Fun stuff.


  1. I love Magic the Gathering! I play it all the time. I came in second at a tournament a few months ago, and I won my first one the other day. I felt so awesome.

    I've been playing for about six years, so it felt like a real accomplishment.

    Also, I know what you're thinking Frok, but this is the internet. It doesn't count.